Water Weight Waiting

Hi all,

It’s another lovely Sunday here in mid Missouri. I have hamburger meat out defrosting but am unsure what I shall make for supper. I need to use at least the first of the two picked squash before it is wasted. I’ll be doing some recipe digging in a bit to see if I can narrow it down.

The garden bounty

I decided to be a bit lazy today since my knee is puffy and stiff. Tomorrow I may hop on the Total Gym if the knee will cooperate. I got the area mostly clear today. If not perhaps another 1 mile walk in the morn.

I’ve been feeling pretty blah today. My guy is doing better, seems to be basically back to normal. The prototype is basically done other than cosmetic touches basically. I may go hop on the sewing machine to use some of that new thread once done posting this. I also have other stuff to do. Sigh.

At least some of the water weight left last night as I was about another .6 of a pound. Still not back to 293 yet. Soon.

Not sleeping deep has a lot to do with my blah attitude. Hopefully tonight. We shall see. Either way, I will push on and continue on these goals of mine.

Keep it going,


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