You Don’t Go on a Diet

Hi all,

So, yeah, I just had the thought spring up that people are completely interpreting that phrase wrong. We don’t go on a diet. Your diet is just what you eat period. When we started to convert that term to more restrictive eating when made it more negative.

Your diet is just what you eat and drink. A diet can be healthy, not healthy or a blend. But you never go on a diet. When you say that it means you cut out certain foods or drinks eating more healthy or less calories. It’s just silly to me to say you go on a diet.

I don’t eat a particular way. I just make sure I consume less than I burn.

Anywho off that odd tangent.

Beautiful tomatoes have been picked to be eaten tomorrow. Yum!


I have plans to do a bunch of walking tomorrow, hopefully to grocery shop. My guy did fine on the 1 mile walk yesterday so here’s hoping the longer will do us both good. Been far too long since I walked over 1.4 miles.

My new thread came in so I may retouch the current prototype with some of it to test. We shall see.

Weigh in tomorrow, before and after walk. Fingers crossed the water weight will have fled.

Keep it going,


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