Hi all,

It’s a lovely but humid Saturday. I got to sleep in a little. I used a good portion of the day researching and working on the pre patent stuff. I hope to finish it tomorrow and get it submitted sometime next week.

I was to take a walk but a small issue arose with the thigh guard. It was expected on this one, but I will make the hopefully final prototype tomorrow. There’s no logical reason why it shouldn’t be the final.

I checked on the “garden and noticed a couple possible pumpkins.

As far as I know they’re Max Pumpkins but again, I’m not sure.

There are also a couple peppers, unsure what type.

And the tomatoes are finally getting color. Soon to be picked yum!

Well, there you have the plant updates not counting more squash about ready to pick.

I’ll make up today’s walk tomorrow. I need to get back on my exercising more.

Keep it going,


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