A Lack of Sleep isn’t Slowing me Yet

Hi all,

My guy had more issues last night, so I was up and down all night and then wide awake st around 4:30. I decided to get up at 5 and get some cleaning done. I also then decided to skip the TG and do a 1 mile walk to test the newest changes to the prototype.

The walk was productive and pretty fast paced for me. 2.3 mph and again my heart beat never his 160 even after all the chores I did beforehand.

Sorry it’s blurry. Working with the worse of the tablets today.

I’m very excited about the thigh guards just still stressing a tad about my guy. It’s not a ton, but any for me as abnormal haha!

Scale is stubbornly staying in the 297s but hey still steady below 300.

Keep it going,


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