A Mostly Relaxing Saturday

Hi all,

I did a bit of work on my thigh guards to hopefully improve and have them work a bit better. They definitely work for a straight mile or less. So that’s great!

My guy is feeling a little off still so I’ve been trying to help him all I can. Mostly, been relaxing and watching some Dr. Who.

Gridlock Dr Who

Hopefully, my guy feels more himself by Monday. He starts his new job Tuesday.

I weighed in small loss today. I am now at 297.2lbs. Almost 39lbs down. It’s looking like I should make 40lbs in 4 months at this rate. It’s crazy thinking I’ve lost that much. I don’t feel any different other than more able to move around better.

I have a lot to go, but there’s no doubt I will get there.

I hope your journey is going well, whatever it is.

Keep it going,


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