It’s a Beautiful Wednesday

Hi all,

So, my knee is still stiff and achy. It will right itself in a day or so. It just happens sometimes with weather fronts. If we’d actually gotten rain it probably wouldn’t have gotten worse, but it is what it is.

It is quite lovely out.

So, I definitely won’t hold my knee against world when it’s such a lovely day. Hopefully, it will feel better tomorrow so I can hit the Total Gym hard like I want. We shall see.

My guy has gotten rather inspired yesterday and has plans for what he wants to go for. That’s fabulous. Thanks universe!

I plan to weigh in like normal this weekend. Let’s hope for a bigger loss. 1.4lbs is nothing to sneeze at, but I like having a bigger gap between the expected weight vs current. I think it’s at like 10lbs difference now instead of 15lbs.

Picky I know haha!

Hope your days are all going beautifully.

Keep it going,


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