Relaxing on a Saturday

Hi all,

We decided against walking to get groceries but I did go for a walk to test out the newest prototype. Without trying to push harder I did end up walking faster than my normal.


That is about 2.4mph. That may not seem particularly fast to you all, but anything faster than 2mph is improving for me.

I didn’t post a loss today. Feel like I’m retaining water so I’m not concerned.

The thigh guard is so close to ready. I’m almost out of leather, though. I’d say I have about 3 more attempts worth left.

I am truly hopeful the next will be the final. ( How many times have I said that already haha)

I am torn between continuing to relax or get to making the next one. We shall see where the day leads.

Keep it going,



    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. Going well. I’m down 38lbs since May. I have a little over 80lbs to go for my Healthy Wage Challenge and around 145lbs more total I want to lose. So, I will be a good while longer losing.What Journey are you on?

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      1. 38 pounds since May is very impressive. What is a Healthy Wage Challenge?

        Iโ€™m not far off of losing weight myself. I hit my goal of losing 40 pounds not too long ago, and the journey Iโ€™m on now is replacing that lost weight with muscle ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. Awesome to hear you lost the weight you wanted. Gaining muscle is a great goal and journey. A Total Gym is a great investment for that. Healthy Wage is a site where you make a bet on yourself losing weight. I bet I’d lose 120lbs in 18 months. I bet $1800 on myself and will win $5000 if I do it. If you want more info check it out
        Feel free to chime in anytime. ๐Ÿ™‚

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