Took a Day Off the Total Gym

Hi all,

It’s a lovely Thursday in mid Missouri. Hope it’s nice where you are too. Today the alarm seemed to go off way too early. It was set for it’s normal time, but I just didn’t have the motivation to get up early for the TG. I did convince myself that I could test the thigh guard with a short walk and that convinced me to get up.

So, this week has been a walk fest.

It’s blurry but those three dots are Mon, Tues, Thursday dots indicating I exercised each of those days. It’s been walks to test the thigh guard changes. It’s so close and I want it ready for testing very soon. So I’m major adjusting and testing as much as possible.

Wish me luck.

As to the food, I did eat over 1600 calories yesterday. So, that makes up a bit for the too low days. Probably going to be around 1500 today. We shall see.

Only a few days left until the giveaway.

Keep it going,


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