Fertility Boosting?

Hi all,

So, not going to into too much detail but between losing weight, drinking more water and taking the supplement, my cycle has gotten to “normal range” this month. That’s definitely good sign of improving health for sure.

I have so many goals buzzing in my head it’s exhausting sometimes haha! On the thigh guards I will be testing the “final version” out myself a few more weeks before applying for pre patent and sending to a few friends for Alpha Testing stage. I hope to have it ready for selling in spring and if they start selling well I want to be able to hire remote moms ( or dads) to sew them from their homes. That would be a truly remote work opportunity which I know many want and need. I figure I need to be selling at least 40 a week to pay for two part time remote workers.

Busy busy busy but it’s fun and exciting for sure.

Oh, I forgot to mention we passed the 80 days in a row of posts a few days ago. That’s neat for sure.

I just want to thank you all. I appreciate every like, follow and comment. You all rock. If you haven’t entered for the giveaway there’s still time.

Keep it going,


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