My Schedule May be Changing

Hi all,

Life is always changing. Change can be good but rarely is easy.

So, depending on the hours covered, my current schedule at work may be going back to a more traditional one, instead of more split where I had half on Monday off. I won’t let it interfere with my exercise or posting. It just becomes more adjustments.

I have so many hopes and goals. It’s just amazing feeling to live in this world of possibilities.

As I said in the video yesterday, I logged a 0.2lbs loss for last week. I’m not worried about it after losing so much the last couple weeks. My body needs the rest.

I am hopeful I will be in the tworeffic numbers soon, though. It’s been too long. The last time I weighed in below 300lbs was September of 2017.

Almost 4 solid years over 300lbs. Makes me a bit sad, but the past is the past. The future is beautiful. I am making it so.

Keep it going,


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