The Sleepy Still Smile

Hi all,

The supplement I’ve been on the past 3 weeks or so definitely doesn’t aid my sleep any. So many report they have better sleep on it. I was sleeping better before it. The biggest positive I’ve seen so far is more energy. It’s just my brain won’t shut off that energy at bedtime. Hopefully, my body will adjust.

Had I mentioned we have three chickens in the house currently? I don’t recall doing so. Two of them are Silky chickens and one a Dark Brahma. At least one of the Silkies is a little rooster and decided to truly let us know that this morning to boot. Bright and early, he crowed about 30 times. He will be moving out soon.

I am so relieved to be done with the mini challenges. They just seem so rushed and encourage daily weigh ins which don’t typically aid most my size or most in general.

I figured you may be interested in seeing my weigh out picture. My legs are what I see the biggest change in.

5/22/21 330lbs. 7/5/21 314.4lbs 8/9/21 301.6lbs

I mistaken posted the May picture as July picture on a compare I did elsewhere. Ah well. This will always be as accurate as possible.

Keep it going,


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