Delays and Hunger

Hi all,

So, yesterday afternoon my guy brought up there would be some financial issues next month due to his job being delayed a month. So, that means, me joining the YMCA will be delayed until late September or early October. This was the reward I was giving myself for getting to 300lbs. So, it’s a little dissapointing but not a huge deal. I just want to swim haha!

Lebanon Mo YMCA pool

I feel a bit hungry today. Not overwhelmingly so, but it’s unusual for me get hungry in the mornings these days. I need to eat decent today since I plan to fast tomorrow to see how close I can get to 301.8 lbs. Wish me luck.

Well, work is calling. I may do some thigh guard work after my job today to hopefully test it tomorrow. We shall see how I feel this evening.

Keep it going,


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