Getting Stronger

Hi all,

So today, got up early and hit the Total Gym as is the norm on Thursday. Level 5 is getting easier on the legs, but I’ll incorporate more on it before moving to 6. I was able to do 40 pull ups today! That is awesome. I’m not sure if I should move up now or wait till I get to 50. We shall see on my next workout on it.

My poor TG sure isn’t as pretty as it was.

The dog damaged Total Gym 08/05/21

The 3 month and 4th of July challenges are quickly coming to an end. My final weigh ins for them will likely be Monday unless I see a lower number between then and Thursday. The team is definitely not in the top 3 unless miracles happen between now and Thursday. I don’t discount that possibility. I still had 4lbs to go for the 4th and likely will go on another long walk and do another fast Saturday or Sunday. I definitely can’t fast both days, not healthy for me.

Well, I’m feeling good energy and been doing a ton of writing. This Monday you get the announcement connected to that.

Keep it going,


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