Pizza, Egg Rolls and Miles to Go

Hi all,

Yesterday I felt pretty blah most of the day. I pushed through and realized after lunch I hadn’t drank enough or taken my supplement yet. So, around 3 or so I took it and made sure to drink more water. Soon after my energy began to build.

By the time work was about over I was buzzing with energy and decided to take advantage of the unusually low temps and fine weather by going for a walk.

I had only eaten a few egg rolls a banana and a small chocolate bar up to that point but wasn’t hungry as I set out with my guy. My goal was to go further than Monday without needing a sit break.

Soon after setting out, I realized it was late enough we should probably walk to a restaurant to get something for supper. I needed to eat more calories regardless, and knew I wouldn’t feel up to cooking after a long walk.

I let my guy decide what restaurant we should head to. We checked a local place first, but it closed early for some reason. So, next he chose Papa Murphys pizza. We hadn’t tried it before, so there we headed.

Overall, I made it there, stood and paced around waiting for the pizza to be prepared, and then we headed back, he holding 2 large pizzas, needing baking, and me holding his 2 liter of soda.

About 3/4 of the way home, I started to feel the need to rest, but I pushed through it. We made it back and then I still couldn’t rest yet. We had to bake the pizzas. Haha!

Walk numbers from 8/3/21

Now, this isn’t a record setting walk for me BUT it is the longest walk I’ve been able to do without the need to sit for a minute or two to get the heart rate down. Through the full walk, my heart rate never went over 162 bpm. Now, the cooler temp definitely helped but still that’s fabulous progress.

For any curious, yes, I did have two slices of pizza. After that, I ended up at just over 1300 calories for the day.

Well, just figured I’d share the victories like normal.

Keep it going,


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