What is Pressure?

Hi all,

So, a lot of people have been talking about pressure around or to me. As a person who rarely let’s pressure get to me I always find the perspectives of others interesting.

In all things I’ve done, music, academic, business, weight loss, gambles, I’ve never felt a pressure that made me break. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve put some massive pressure on myself before. Sure, that pressure is heavier when someone or many someone’s are counting on you as well, but all the pressure, every bit of it, is coming from inside myself. I don’t compete against any but myself. My best is my best.

Pressure isn’t bad. It can be motivating, but pressure can easily slip into stress. Stress is bad. Stress is what leads to pressure breakage. It may mostly be my genetics, but I rarely stress about anything.

I wanted to offer a little feedback of my process that I’ve naturally always swung towards that combats stress for me.

Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com
  • I see the problem and if an answer doesn’t appear right off I just reinforce in myself that it does exist and I can find it.
  • I don’t allow myself to care what people who don’t matter me think.
  • I make lists
  • I talk with others who may have experience with the issue
  • I delve into my spiritual side to find peace
  • I accept the issue as a growing process and move forward

Those are a few of my problem solving techniques. I have used these for various things through the years. Yes, I do have stress, it just doesn’t hang around or effect my daily life often. Stress is generally just a challenge to overcome. It’s self imposed therefore can be self fixed.

Well, I have soapbox spoke enough again,

Keep it going,


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