I Conquered 2 Miles

Hi all,

I went on a walk today. I decided to walk with my guy to the comic book shop he walks to weekly. I doubted I’d handle it fully, but I overcame those doubts and pushed through. I did need two rests, BUT, I didn’t take the first brief rest until at 1.18 miles had been completed.

The total walk was around 2.36 miles. I sadly can’t show you on the polar as I didn’t realize the battery was as low as it was. It recorded the first half of the walk and then the gps and heart rate went out from lack of battery. So I just doubled the distance of the walk to the shop to get that accurate number. The polar says I walked 2.86 miles but I know that’s wrong so will not count it.

After the massive sweating on the walk I finally was able to post a weight loss. I am now at 306.8lbs.

I need to lose 5lbs to win the 4th of July challenge. I have 13 days to do that. It will be interesting to see what number I end up with.

I will be working on the newest prototype tomorrow. I have new band material to see if that works better in some ways.

This evening I will be doing some air layering on the peach and hazelnut trees. Hoping I can get a few clones.

Well, it’s been a good last weekend of July so far. I hope for you as well.

Keep it going,


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