The Nuts are Here

Hi all,

It’s quite hot today. I just went out to snap a few pictures. I mean, I’m from the deep south so I wasn’t uncomfortable in the heat but I will not deny it is sweltering today.

I checked on most of my plants. They are handling the heat well. I remembered I promised to share some hazelnut tree pictures to sjow off it’s production. Here you go!

It must have a hundred nuts put on. I won’t be able to reach them all in a month or so when they’re ripe but it’s fabulous results when it doesn’t have a cross pollinator. That tree is around 5 years old and last year it produced around 12 hazelnuts I found. It just makes me so happy.

Well tomorrow I’ll be up early hitting the Total Gym. Going to give it my all to get 40 pullups. Once I get to 50, I’ll move up to level 3 for arms.

Peanut butter cups are still my weakness haha! I’ve had 6 today.

Keep it going,


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