New Record Walk

Hi all,

So headed out this morning for a new walk, was attempting to test the 5th prototype, it hit a snag so didn’t get much test but I really like the new set up’s feel. A 6th will be very similar with a few attachment alterations.

The walk I went on set a new record for me. Check it out.


I also got to post a good loss today as well! I’m down to 307.2lbs. That puts me at 28.8lbs down in 76 days. I am also back in the green for the July Healthy Wage mini challenge. It’s great to be losing like this. I am down over 2% in 21 days. Almost 8.5% in 70 days. I am well ahead on my main challenge.

It’s decided to thunderstorm today after my walk. Hopefully that will help lower some of the temps. The plants will appreciate it for sure.

Well, things to do, including improvements for the site.

Keep it going,


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