Is the lucky number 5?

Hi all,

I’ve spent the morning and mid day working on the newest prototype. Thus one is number 5. I think it has the most potential so far. It’s also the largest so far.

I haven’t gotten my exercise in yet but did go check plants. I had a small cucumber in the garden but it didn’t climb up so the cucumber is all moldy on the dirt. I adjusted it to force it on the fence so if it puts on more they should fare better.

The scale still has me up, but not much as I should be past most of that hormonal water retention. In another day or two hopefully another loss can be reported. The 3 days of exercise in a row is iffy, but definitely will be a walk tomorrow and TG Monday.

Trumpet Vines

Oh, not sure if I mentioned we plan to have Trumpet Vines cover the fence we put up. One has taken hold for sure. All my nearby plants are steady growing. The tomatoes plants are getting really tall but no blooms yet. Oh! My hazelnut trees has loads of nuts ripening. It’s amazing! I will try to snap a pic tomorrow.

Anywho, I’m enjoying some Olympic events and going to game a bit tonight.

Keep it going,


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