100 posts / 100%

Hi all,

I am having a pretty easy Friday so far. I hope you are too. Yesterday was the 100th post. It was talking about my giveaway going on because of reaching 100 followers on the site. Thanks again, all and good luck if you enter the giveaway.

You may have noticed I haven’t mentioned weighing in the last few days. Due to a hormonal time I am currently retaining a butt load of water so I am ignoring the scale another day or two until my body gets back to the normal space.

I have some inspiration about how to make the next thigh guard prototype so want to get that done tomorrow. I sadly didn’t get my Total Gym time in yesterday because as I had an unusual work schedule yesterday. So, my goal for this weekend is TG or test walk Saturday, the swap TG or walk Sunday then trike ride Monday. Fingers crossed that all happens.

I’ve been avoiding Healthy Wage because I haven’t posted a loss in almost a week so it’s red and sad looking on the July Challenge.

I can hopefully get back in the green in the next day or two. If not I may do a 24 hour fast to reset things. We shall see.

Woo, busy busy weekend in coming as I have garden work to do as well.

Keep it going,


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