You Can Eat What You Want and Lose Weight

Hi all,

One of the things that cause many people to fail on the weight loss journey or maintenance after loss is denying yourself food you enjoy. Yes, a lot of the foods people like to gorge on is high fat and low on nutrition. That means it should be backed off on. It doesn’t mean you have to cut it out completely.

This is where tracking and willpower come in. I have lost over 26lbs so far. I have done this while still eating “junk food” when I want. Eating what I want in moderation. This makes the journey not only easier, but maintainable. You don’t starve yourself on celery sticks and cabbage soup for a month then gorge on pizza and ice cream on a “cheat day”. Does that sound like a long term lifestyle for your eating patterns?

That’s what it takes, in the end. You aren’t just trying to lose weight. You are trying to identify why you gained it and find out how you can sustainably take it off while still feeling like yourself. For example check out what I had for lunch today.


I wanted a big Italian sandwich today. This isn’t daily for me, but I wanted it so I will work the rest of my allotted calories around it. My last two days of meals, I’ve also been at or under 1200 calories. That means I can go closer to the 1700 mark today without worry if need be.

Cycling calories has helped in the past. It keeps the body guessing.

I’ve eaten things in the past 2+ months that people would never believe I could eat and still lose weight.

Yes, if you’re losing a far smaller amount than me you have less wiggle room, but you can still eat a cookie, a slice of pizza or a candy bar and lose weight for the vast majority of people. You just have to monitor, log and moderate how much.

Woo, off my soapbox now. I hope you all are having a fine Sunday. I know I’m a busy bee here.

Keep it going,


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