Totally Thursday

Hi all,

I hope your day is going well. Mine has been good so far. To start with I hopped on my Total Gym bright and early. My left knee is a bit stiff still from the long walk on Tuesday. That made level 5 on the squats a chore for sure. I did,though, get through a total of 21 minutes and stayed at 30 pullups on level 2. So, that’s always good to get through a workout when it’s harder.

Since starting the supplement I’m using I’ve been getting hungry in the mornings again. Not good for 16/8 fasting. I need to focus on my “supper” being higher protein to see if that helps.

I did give in and peek at the scale this morn and was down to 310.6 lbs. That’s not bad at all especially as my stiff knee likely means water being retained to protect it.

Oh, I got 2 big notifications lately. First, we have reached 1000 likes. Thank you all so much. Second, I did 50 posts in a row. Both of those are fabulous milestones.

As of 7/14/2021

That is energizing for me having just remembered it. Ha!

Well, I should head back to work now. Again, I appreciate you all! Thank you!

Keep it going,


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