The Walk, Test and Goals

Hi all,

Today has been a busy . I woke up with energy and got loads of transplanting done. I also did a bunch of tree trimming and got the porch pots organized. Overall it took about 2 and a half hours. By the time I was done my Polar hrm said I’d hit 100% of my daily activity.

Then I went on a walk, total of 1.35 miles and tested the thigh guard. For a first full test it was mostly successful. It needs some adjustment, but that’s what the testing phase is for.

So, on to the goals.

I had 7 for the weekend.

Goals for weekend 7/10- 7/11

So far, I have completed test, write, transplant, draw, walk and I have weighed in but not gotten a loss yet. Will try again Tomorrow morn.

So, next is to tackle the contracts rough drafts which I will hop on after this post.

I’m glad I have had the energy to get it all done.

Keep it going,


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