Rain rain rain

Hi all,

Today I got to sleep in. Always good After 4 long work days.

I was ready to go test my thigh guards with a walk when thunder rolled. Haha! So give that a while longer to see if it passes.

The supplement I spoke about a few weeks ago finally arrived. So, I started using it today. I will tell more about it in a couple weeks after I can judge some effects or lack there of. Some people maybe able to guess from this picture.

Day one using supplement 7/10/2021

Well I’ve already sketched out my other invention basic designs, next I suppose I’ll get on the contracts.

As for the weigh in today, not worth mentioning. I must be retaining tons of water from my still sore muscles. I will be weighing in again in a day or two and Monday I will be doing my monthly measurements. Excited to see how much smaller I am. You also get updated pics.

Well, off I go to get more things marked of my goal list.

Keep it going,


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