Don’t Let Fear Beat You.

Hi all,

Fear is natural. Fear is needed at times. Fear shouldn’t stop you without good cause. I’ve lived my life fighting my fear. I have never regretted it.

I’ve known so many people that won’t step beyond their comfort zone to start down a path they want to be on. They are paralyzed by fear. Yes, change can be scary, risk can be scary, but do you really want to stay in that comfy rut forever? If you truly do then go right ahead.

For the rest of us, check why you’re afraid. Is there legitimate reasons? Or are your reasons really doubts? If they are doubts then question those doubts. Doubt your doubts!

I’m on a journey to lose 180lbs in total. I’m 23 lbs down that path. That comes with a boatload of fear and doubts. I fight those every day. Do I lose sometimes? Yes. We all do. Does that mean I failed? You never fail unless you stop trying.

Well, off my soap box for now. I need to hydrate and get back to fighting.

Keep it going,


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