Put a Little Spirit in it.

Hi all,

It is a beautiful day out here. I definitely need to head out and mess with my garden after work today. As I said in the video yesterday, overall it’s doing well. I have a few more I need transplant into the ground soon, though.

Today, I thought I’d talk a bit about what’s been spirtually feeding me lately. Because, again, this is a journey to all around better health, not just shedding pounds. So, nature is a big part of my spiritual harmony. It’s a big reason I try to let nature take over as much as possible on my property. Watching plants grow, seeing fire flies dance, viewing kittens playing and so much more I’ve had nuruish my soul of late.

Trumpet vines grow everywhere 7/06/21

I’ve also taken to repeating mantra as I feel inspired to do. What mantra? I practice Ho’oponopono. If you seek more info on what that is ask or do a search.

Since starting that practice my life feels so much… more focused. I’m in a flux of inspiration and activity.

Well, I need to go take account of the outside before dark.

Keep it going,


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