The Scale is a Joker

Hi all,

Happy Independence day!

So, today is the day for starting the 4th of July challenge because it is July 4th. My body decided to retain some water and make the scale try to be funny. So, I do not update myfitnesspal with gains unless they stay for over a week. I wouldn’t update Healthy Wage either, but they want a verified weigh in therefore it will have me taking a tiny step back on the other two challenges with my 1 pound scale lie today.

Anywho, I am ok with it, it’s just ironic of course.

Oh, so a few updates. I don’t recall if I mentioned we finished the main nursery fence yesterday. Pretty sure I did but here see the end area.

7/4/2021 front fence

Oh also wanted to update y’all on the mystery root I showed a couple weeks back. The below is what I showed:

This is what it looks like planted and growing.


If you still don’t recognize it, this is a horseradish plant. It shall be allowed to take over most of the bald backyard.

Well, I hope, wherever you are, you celebrate freedom today in whatever way works for you.

Keep it going,


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