A New Challenge Appears

Hi all,

We got the rest of the front nursery fence up. Gates will likely be gotten in a few months. I have to decide which one and get a mail/ package box to sit outside the fence since the gates will be locked. My Polar was low on power so I only wore it for like 20 minutes when it was probably a 50 minute job, but I will only report the hrm recordings for my exercise on myfitnesspal.

Now, onto the new challenge. Healthy Wage occasionally puts forth a free challenge. This is the 4th of July one, starting tomorrow. It is only going 40 days and to win a share of the $4,000 prize I have to lose 4% in that time frame. Now, at first, I was like that doesn’t seem doable, but during the 3 month team challenge, I have lost 5% in 45 days. So, it’s definitely achievable for me.

So, tomorrow I’ll be having my guy record a verified weigh in to start this new challenge.

Well, I am so grateful and happy with how my journey is going. Thank you all for following and liking my blog. There will be a contest soon. I’m getting close to 100 followers and that will be when I launch the contest. I haven’t decided what to give away yet, but it will be around $100 for sure.

Keep it going,


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