Wonder Wednesday

Hi all,

So today we had the goal of starting the front fence. That hauling and walking and general helping with driving posts counts as my exercise for today. We drove all the posts. It took 52 minutes and I burned 669 calories.

Then I decided to weigh in. I’m happy to report that fully clothed I still weighed in at 314lbs. That’s down another 2lbs! ( more actually. )

That means I’ve lost 22lbs in 50 days!

Healthy Wage message 6/30/2021

Interesting things that weigh around 20lbs according to healthy wage:

22lbs down 6/30/2021

Well, it’s always good to see that progress and as I’d already done work outside, drank water and was wearing clothes seeing that big loss was surprising.

Well, enough update for today.

Keep it going,


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