Tis a Special Day

Hi all,

It’s going to be a short one. It’s my guy’s birthday. So, I told him I’d cook what ever he wanted. He requested my homemade pizza. I’ve been making it for over 5 years and since he lives on pizza most of the time, I wanted to make it a little healthier for him ( not a lot but anything is an improvement). So, I experimented and got a good crust recipe for thick soft crust.

Kimmie pizza 6/29/2021

Tomorrow, I’ll post the recipe in that section in case you’re interested.

He also requested Blizzards. Haha! So, yeah, it’s a high cal day but still staying under.

I walked my 1 mile again yesterday. I felt it in me that I could easily make it to the store. I also only sat once as well. So definite improvement even with the poor exercise week last week. My heart rate high was 165. That means I never hit 170 at any point. I also walked steady fast for me staying over 2 mph. My hrm says I was walking a mile in 26.32 minutes.

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