The Challenges

Hi all,

So, it’s Saturday again. My front fence supplies were just delivered so that shall be done soon -in the next few days if we can get around the raindrops.

With the first half of the 3 month challenge having already come to an end, I thought I’d share some of that time line with you all.

The three month challenge final weigh in must be done by August 13th. That’s a Friday. Not great for my rhythm of weighing in. But sometime that last week I’ll get my lowest weight recorded for them. So far I’m doing ok to lose up to 10%( as long as I can record a loss in the next day or so.) but I’ve definitely slowed down the past couple weeks. This challenge fee will be returned to me around my birthday as long as I lose 10 more by then. That’s all in my schedule so no biggie.

The big Healthy Wage Challenge still has over 72 weeks and I’m nice and ahead of where I need to be to make that. I always like having a cushion.


My needed weight is 215.6 by then but I’m aiming to be closer to my all time low of 206. Here’s my current standing. ( again with no loss yet reported this weekend)


So there you have the challenge updates. I may or may not do another 3 month challenge after this. I would have to have a good reason. It makes me feel bad to possibly hold a team back. That’s guilt and I am working on clearing that.

Keep it going,


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