A Sliver of Exercise

Hi all,

I was able to move my Total Gym up to level 5 and work for about 10 minutes. My back is still a little sore but much better than yesterday. I was going to make an impromptu journey to the garden to check on the beans and tomatoes but when I glanced out the front door window I saw something that stopped me.

4 kittens 6/24/2021

Those little ones were with their momma cat in the overgrowth near my garden yesterday. I felt sorry for the momma cat she looked kind of rough and skinny. So I brought some food and now their on my front porch… My garden is at least 200 feet if not more from my porch. If can tame them I’ll try to find them good homes, but there are so many strays around this neighborhood.

Anywho, I need to get back to work.

Keep it going,


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