Where to Get the Energy

Hi all,

As I stated in my video yesterday I was feeling pretty achy yesterday. By bedtime I was feeling much more normal. Today I have only a mild ache in my back. So, today’s goal is get in that missed exercise.

I haven’t decided what I will do after work yet, but likely TG time or maybe some dancerobics. We shall see.

It’s a beautiful day outside. Hopefully it is where you are too.

Ok, well, I thought I’d discuss energy today. I hear that complaint from people every day. “I don’t have the energy.”

Well, where do we get “the energy”?

Now, to start, there can be some good reasons you don’t have energy like you used to or feel you should. Are you ill? Are you injured? Did you get little or no sleep? Are you dealing with an emotional blow? Those are all very real reasons you may feel you have little to no energy. If you are healing something, your body will try to conserve energy to compensate for the unusual amount needed to do the healing.

Sometimes, though, it’s not a lack of energy we are dealing with, but a lack of motivation or want. Myself, I’ve said I don’t have energy to exercise when feeling lazy, but it’s really I’d rather be a couch potato. Once I’m up and moving I find it’s not an energy issue at all. Other times if I’m feeling blah or a bit sad, I find meditation, music or humor can energize me.

Basically, we, as humans, do have a base amount of energy but can tap into more and expand the available amount when we need or want to. This does not mean you shouldn’t rest when you need to. It does not mean you have endless supplies of energy. Every battery needs a recharge or is depleted at some point.

So, basically, listen to your body but don’t listen to the sloth in us all.

Keep it going,


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