Hi all,

It’s hot and I sweat out a ton but I walked 1 mile today! I have definitely gotten in better shape over the past 40 days. For example, when I used to start a walk, by the time I crossed the street my heart was already in the 130s. It’s now in the 1-teens. This morning it was 116.

In the next walk or two, I should be able to make it to the store. That full walk is around 1.29 miles. I also did this walk at an average of 2.05 miles an hour, which is also great for me! That might seem snail slow to many but 3mph is basically jogging for me, even at my lowest weight of 206lbs.

As for the scale, drumroll…………………………………..

I am currently 317.4lbs That’s down another 1.8lbs. That’s 18.6lbs down in 40 days and over 5% of my body weight and more than 10% of my total goal.

Well, lots to do today, hot or not.

Keep it going,


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