Fireflies and Dreams

Hi all,

So I’ve been in a peaceful happy mood all day. I saw fireflies the last two days and love those little blinking bugs. I took a short video which I shared on the facebook page. I plan to try and get a better one tonight after dark.

I slept well and had interesting dreams. I love remembering my dreams because they often are interesting and entertaining. I only recall bits and am going to work on remembering them more often.

So, what has any of this to do with my weight loss? Well, being around things and having experiences you love always help any journey for health.

I also got a few more bits for the thigh protectors I’m making and a new plant. Well actually, it’s a big chunk of thick roots haha


Anyone want to guess what I have? I’ll give a hint. It’s supposed to spread a ton.

Anywho, I plan to weigh in tomorrow. I feel very good about my progress thus far. Everything is going well.

Keep it going,


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