It’s All About Choices

Hi all,

Today’s post will be a little different.

We have free will. We almost always have the ability to make choices in our life. What do I want to be, do and have?

If I never make a choice I’ll be stuck where I am, which is an ok place, but not where I want to be forever.

This journey I’ve chosen to be on is one for health, yes, but that is far more complex than what appears on the surface. What is healthy?

It seems to me that that is something we all come to our own conclusion on. I feel and believe that health is internal and external, mental, spirtual and physical. You can be the most in shape person on earth, running marathons and competing in sports? Does that mean your healthy?

There is no instant trip to health, either. You can lose 170lbs ( my personal total goal) but if your mind and spirit is in turmoil it won’t make you happy long. If I wasn’t working just as hard internally as externally I’d have many more worries about my life in general which would make the weight loss part a lot harder.

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Now, never forget, I am admittedly lazy. I have tried to “cheat” the journeys in the past and it never gets the results I really need. We all are lazy in some way.

You know what works for me? I mentally and spiritually clean on things that bring me out of my happiness. What do I mean? Well I do whatever I can do take self responsibility. This issue was brought to me so it has to be a reflection of something inside me that I need to work on.

So, how do I do that? Through my life I’ve done it various ways, but love, asking for forgiveness for whatever was in me that drew the issue to me and then thanking my vision of “deity” for releasing it in m, is what helps me the most. This isn’t an instant fix, I still get angry, grieve and go through more issues than I like, but I am responsible for creating my life, my happiness and the choices that continue the journey.

Well, I should get back to my job. I don’t know why this pulled in me to write this today, but if it helps one other then I’m glad.

Keep it going,



  1. And it always has been. Stop following the crowd and act on your choices… thanks 🙏


    1. Kimmie says:

      Indeed. Thanks for the comment. Keep it going


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