Hi all,

So, I do my best to show my personality honestly through these writings. Most days I smile more than I cry. I try to help others. I do my best to stay positive and spread that positivity. The past week has been rough. Every day has felt like trekking miles through ankle deep mud.

I am in no way sinking or giving up. I just need to let this muck dry so I can rise above it.

Often it helps to list what is going ok, what I have to be grateful for.

I have a home

I have people who love me

I have land

I am healthier than most even if obese

I have my mind in good working order

I have a few friends

My seeds have mostly done well this year

My garden is actually being worked this year

I know will get past any weight loss plateaus

I have a good career

I have been doing much more writing

My website is getting more traffic

Well that is enough. So, I got 4 of the tomato plants, that were big enough, planted in the garden.

One of the tomato plants 6/13/2021

I will be hitting the TG in a bit ( since the prototype for the thighs didn’t work out yet for the walk this morn) and then cooking some supper.

Tomorrow will be the measurements and monthly pictures date. So, prepare yourself.

Keep it going,



    1. Kimmie says:

      Thank you for following along 🙂
      Keep it going


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