The Scale is a Filthy Liar!

Hi all,

Decided to take a peek at the scale this morning and it says I’ve gained 3 pounds. Serves me right for hopping on the scale before Saturday.

As yesterday was an overall terrible day, I didn’t drink enough, forced myself to eat and what I ate had a good amount of sodium I am retaining water like a dam.

Water retaining water is like

Let me remind you all. I weigh over 300lbs. I’ve been measuring and tracking everything I consume, so at most I may have up to 100 calories higher than I am tracking due to package vs size discrepancies. That means I’m eating between 1100 and 1400 calories most days. I physically Cannot gain fat at that amount of calories.

So, today I will be downing a ton of water and crossing my fingers for the scale to be kind tomorrow.

The saddness that happened yesterday included digging the giant puppy a grave and that took my exercise time slot. So, don’t know what else to say on that. I will be back to exercising tomorrow on the TG.

I have the name picked out for the thigh protection I’m making and the prototype should be created this weekend and the rest of it finished no later than next weekend. Then, I get to start testing it out. Then the 2 alpha testers. Then I’ll recruit some beta testers. Then they will be listed for sale!

It’s exciting!

Well, off I go back to work.

Keep it going,


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