Sleep is so Good

Hi all,

So, I got sleep. No more punch drunk ramblings today. I like sleep. I can get by on less sleep more than many, but I really like sleep. I always wake up clinging to more water after a catch up sleep. I swear days like this I always feel heavier and the scale concurs.

Sometimes if I just sit around for a couple hours then weigh in again I see my actual weight. It’s the weirdest thing.

Anywho, on the gambion I mentioned yesterday. For high cost reasons, it shan’t happened at this time. I just had too many doubts doing it the cheaper way and doing it more correctly was going to be more expensive than doing a wood fence. ( if you’ve been to a hardware store lately you know of which I speak. ) The gambion would cost me around $22 a foot for me to do, not a pro. So, instead, I have ordered a normal field fence and we shall turn it into a privacy fence. No more waiting, delaying, some-daying.

Take action!

That means I don’t need the $5k for a front fence any longer and if the fence is up I can buy my sheep next spring, before the time frame of me winning the Healthy Wage bet. So, wonder what the plan is now? I suppose the vehicle if we haven’t replaced our current before then. I have a feeling we will have, though.

Things just feel good. They feel like they’re moving in the right direction. ( yes I feel this way when I didn’t post a scale loss)

30 days tracking on mfp

It’s been 30 days now. Still at 15lbs down because no new number to post. That’s approximately .5 lbs a day. That’s fantastic. I’m still eating basically whatever I want, within reason, and exhaling that weight away.

I will be doing my weigh in Saturday and updating my measurements and taking my update monthly pictures Monday before work.

Enough for today.

Keep it going,


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