Punch Drunk Musings

Hi all,

I got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night. Various things to blame, my own brain most of all. So, for many years ( basically since moving in) I’ve wanted a privacy fence in front. I have decided on something unique that I can do a piece at a time. So that came to me oh around 3am. It’s called a Gabion wall.

Gabion wall example

I plan for it to be similar to this but smaller spaced wire, smaller rocks and the top 6-9 inches to be dirt and flowers of some sort, probably Hyacinths.

Anywho enough of my abstract thoughts. Today is an off day for exercise. Woo, I’m glad since I’m exhausted. I did get a new recent high yesterday for my walk length. ( recent as in past few months furthest I’ve walked) of .79 of a mile. It actually was probably closer to .85 as I had my hrm paused for a few minutes of walking. I’ll be up to making the round trip 1.6 mile trip to the store soon.

Hi lotto tickets haha!

Mo lottery

I am just so bursting with ideas lately.

Well, enough for now.

Keep it going,


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