The Scheduled Video Check In

Hi all,

Pretty chill Monday so far. I slept in, which is rare but always nice. It looks like it only rained a tiny bit, meaning if we don’t get a solid rain in the next day or two I will have to haul the hose way over to water the garden. We shall see. We have a decent chance the next few days.

But wait!

Why did I start with a garden/weather update? The title clearly says Video Check In, so where’s the YouTube link? There should be no link needed. I updated the site so enjoy the video below.

Kimmie 6/07/21

Hopefully, that is clear and slightly better than the last couple. We shall see, I suppose. I plan to do those every Monday. I plan to try to record the dancerobics probably next week if I can get everything set up right.

Off I head now to exercise.

Keep it going,


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