Did You Know We Exhale Fat?

Hi all,

My brain is always working and striving for knowledge. I’m almost always, reading or watching something that either brings me joy or knowledge, sometimes both. A day or two ago, I ran across info about what happens to fat once it breaks down. Sure, it’s used for energy, but it doesn’t just go poof.

Energy never just dissappears. It always takes a new form. So, basically, most of the fat molecules break down to their individual parts and you get rid of them through sweat, waste and exhaling. Since you’re constantly breathing, that where most leave. I think that’s just neat!

Exhaling another pound

So, I gave in and weighed again this morning. Down another pound! I drank so much water yesterday, I’m surprised I didn’t burst.

I’m not surprised by the loss, would have been surprised not see one as I’m still fasting haha! I didn’t intend to do a full day fast, but we were so busy and then I didn’t even get hungry until after 3pm and was just like to heck with it, it’s only 6-7 hours until bedtime haha.

Full fasting actually has many health benifit, including improving your immune function. I may add a full fast day once a month, but, if doing so, I have to also add an eat at least 1700 calorie day to keep the metabolism up and not get used to such low amounts constantly.

Anywho, lots to do today, including starting to protype thigh guards. I have two friends who volunteered to be my beta testers once I’ve tried it out awhile.

Keep it going,


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