But… But…But

Hi all,

So…. I didn’t lose weight this week. In fact, if I believed the scale, I gained.

Nobody freak out now!

Just relax.

My cat Tracer relaxed

That’s better.

Lol I’ve been here before, remember. I know weight loss is rarely ever a smooth ride down the scale. I’ve been tracking everything that goes in my mouth, solid or liquid. So, I am 100% positive that I didn’t gain fat-it’s rather impossible actually.

I lost 14lbs in 22 days! My body had to be like WTF!? I had sore muscles again from my TG yesterday and just feel bloated. I’d put money down that by Monday I could post a loss after getting rid of this water weight.

The question is should I weigh in again tomorrow or Monday or just wait for the planned Wednesday? I haven’t decided.

This is a journey, after all, not a jaunt. The only reason I’m even weighing in more than once a week is for the 3 month challenge, to try and help the team stats. Likely, I’ll hold off, but we’ll see.

Plans for today include, exercise, garden work, moving animals to new spots and arranging groceries. I plan to add a new recipe tomorrow. I’ve completely been neglecting that section since coming back to the site.


Keep it going,


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