Hi all,

Work has been insanely busy today. I’m writing this on my break. Nothing much to report on the exercise front. (Unless we count chasing a loose 9 week old chick through the ankle deep mud)

I plan to weigh in Saturday like normal. Hoping for a loss. Last couple days the scale has stubbornly stayed put. That’s the curse of the scale. It’s why it’s best to just weigh in once or twice a week. You generally will avoid some frustration.

This is what it’s looked like all day.


Cloudy, rainy day. It looks more like winter than spring. It definitely is spring, though. The strawberries are steady providing a few berries a week.

My strawberry patch

Tomorrow I get up early and will be hitting the total gym. I’m going to try my best to get 20 pull ups done. That’s the goal. I’ll report the success or failure tomorrow.

Keep it going,