22 Days and Feeling Good!

So, this is the start of June and my 3rd week losing weight and exercising. I woke up a bit blah feeling but after waking up more, back to my normal pretty cheerful self.

I logged another .8 lb of a loss this morning, putting me at 322 lbs. My muscles aren’t as sore today, but I feel like I’m still retaining some water, but in either case, 14 lbs in 22 days is awesome!

I’ve got some gears turning in my head to make some custom thigh guards for walking- you know, so my thighs don’t chaff when rubbing against eachother. I have plenty of material and even some nice leather I could use. I’ve seen what is offered for sale for this and I know I can do better.

These could even be worn to stop women from wearing holes in jeans and other pants. I know I sure used to rub holes in mine over time. Numerous pants later became shorts for that reason.

On other news, my 3 month challenge team has slipped way down in rank, but it’s week two, we have plenty of time to move back up. I’m glad I’m not holding the team back, at least, but we are all over 1% in just over a week so not bad at all.

Otherwise, nothing much to report today. I’m glad these blogs are becoming a daily habit. I will certainly try to keep that up.

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