Inspiration and Cookies

Hi all,

Happy Memorial Day!

I was up far too late with interesting ideas streaming through my brain. I also got some writing done. The day looks and feels nice out.

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but I logged another loss. That’s right. Can you guess what I lost between Saturday and Sunday? 1.6 pounds! I stepped on the scale 3 times, unbelieving my eyes. It said 322.8 lbs.

I really do believe a combo of the 16/8 fasting and my mindset is the major difference. I’ve eaten these types of calories before around this size and only lost the normal, healthy, 1-2lbs a week. I’m sure I will be getting back to that loss rate soon, but, for now, I’ll enjoy this ride.

Anywho, I ordered some lighting gear and have decided to do a weekly video post.

Lights ordered 5/30/2021

I have no direct plan on what will be the point, but that will get that figured out. I’m thinking Mondays, starting next Monday. I may do both a youtube video and a facebook live. I’m still working out the plans.

Well, I should get started and stop lolly gaggling about watching Dr. Who. Exercise still to do and more weeding to get done. Then I’ll break my fast with a pb cookie. Yum!

Keep it going,


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