1 Week Down on the 3 Month Challenge

Hi all!

It’s a cool and cloudy Saturday here in mid Missouri. I’m a bit sleepy and my right knee is slightly stiff from the fronts rolling through. Overall it’s been a fine day off, though.

I weighed in, of course, and woop! I’m melting folks. I’m down another 1.6lbs. That puts me at 324.4lbs. I’ve lost  5.6lbs in a week. 1.7% of my body weight is gone, burned and flushed away.

8 weeks left on this challenge. I was worried about weighing the group down, but so far so good 🙂

It is misty on and off today, but I’ve got some transplanting to do for some pumpkins, cucumbers and a couple tomatoes.

I also will do some kind of exercise today. Depending on how much the knee bugs me, I may end up doing just arms today. We shall see.

Well, I’ll check back in Monday at the latest.

Keep it going,


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