Three Weeks In

Hi all,

We had a bit of a nasty storm come through yesterday afternoon. No damage, just a lot of wind and thunder.

Figured I’d just kind of update since it’s the end of the third week I’ve been back to tracking everything. I’ll be weighing in again tomorrow. I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to 16/8 fasting. It’s definitely sustainable for me. I’m pretty adaptable and basically get used to most things quickly. I rarely even get hungry before 1pm now.

Most days I am only eating 1000-1200 calories. I make sure to eat at least 1400 once or twice a week. I will probably keep this up until the end of the 3 month challenge.

According to Healthy Wage I’m averaging 4.8lbs a week. That’s crazy lol. I’m used to only losing 1-2lbs a week. As it stands, I only need to average 1.4lbs a week to make my goal over the next 17.5 months.

5/28/2020 Healthy Wage

This weekend is a long weekend for me. It’s awesome having a career where I actually get these days off! You know how I got my position? It’s something so many scoff at and may lose me some fans, but mostly it was a type of law of attraction combined with persistence. I wanted to have a position making a minimum of x amount a year ( about twice what I’ve made in any other job I’ve had) with vacation ( never had that before) and decent insurance. I have all of that here. I have no college degree and make more than what over half of college graduates are making. That’s awesome for me but sad for so many others. I’m eternally grateful.

I also am using this similar system in my weight loss journey. Really, this system can work for achieving anything.

Ok, enough for today.

Keep it going,


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