Your Peek at My Scale

Hi all,

Yeah I gave in to the scale pressure. This 3 month challenge is both great and terrible lol

Drum roll please………… ……………… …………….

Weight 5/27/2021

That’s down another .4lbs in two days. I personally think it would be higher but I feel kind of bloated. I will take it though!

That is 10lbs down in 3 weeks!

I am 8% of my way to my healthy wage goal. I’m down 1.44% in 6 days. I’m definitely succeeding with my losing fat. I also am slowly getting stronger and in better shape.

Feeling a little meh this morning I took it a bit easy but still did 18 minutes on my TG.

Anyway, figured I just swing by to give that update.

Keep it going,


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