Yes, I Ate Wendy’s

Hi all,

Decided to rest today. So, no exercise to brag about. Was late getting off work and a bit sleepy all day for some reason. I know I will be hitting the total gym tomorrow. So, no biggie.

I forgot to share something I saw on my walk yesterday. It’s a little blurry due to the crummy tablet camera but I love spring.

Pink Roses

So, now back to the Wendy’s. Yep, my guy decided he wanted to get some of their food and offered to get me lunch. I stuck mostly healthy and ordered the Jalapeno Popper salad and a cheesy baked potato. So filling, but guess what. Those two were about 1100 calories. But it’s been almost 7 hours and I’m not hungry. I had a cookie( later) as well and likely will eat something else to get me to about 1400 calories for the day.

That puts me still losing at least 2lbs a week.

So, yes, you can eat fast food (in portions) and still lose weight. You can even eat it in larger portions if you burn enough calories to stay at your deficit. For most people, with a medium to high functioning metabolism, all you need to lose weight is a deficit of calories through either less taken in or more burned.


Enough check in for me today.

Keep it going,


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